About Us

When it comes to farm fresh, healthy living, Oakley’s Farm Market is the source for all of your needs. Nowadays, people are more aware of what goes on their plate. Flocks of people are now making an effort to get fresher, healthier, and better produce to improve not only their diet but also the environment as a whole. 

We at Oakley’s Farm Market firmly believe in the benefits of patronizing and supporting the local farmer’s market. You can get just about everything you could need in a farmer’s market from farm-grown fruits and vegetables to artisanal items like dairy products and baked goods. Our website is dedicated to giving our readers all the information they need to start shopping at their nearest market or even opening up their stall. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the community, a farmer’s market can be a bit complicated to navigate around. That is why we are here to provide you with guides, tips, and insights on the booming fresh produce trade.

Finding the Nearest Farmer’s Market

It might be a surprise to some but farmer’s markets are on the rise, and it is not too difficult to find a local market near you. We have a comprehensive list of farmer’s markets in different areas, and we are continually updating it when new markets pop up. You can get the full address as well as the open hours for the nearest farm market. And if you are still not sure how to get there, we can lead you to a map with directions.

If you are looking for certain produce though, you need to be aware that not every food stall in the farm market is open year round. In some communities, certain stalls in the farmer’s market have select open days and hours either because their produce is seasonal or because of the vendor’s schedule and preference. 

We can provide you an accurate listing of seasonal produce to watch out for as well as the vendors that specialize in them. The vendors’ schedules are also available for viewing in case you are worried about missing them on your next visit.

Everything You Need to Know When You’re in a Farm Market

Unlike those substantial commercial grocery stores, a farm market is a whole new world regarding food shopping. There are certain things you can and can’t do and a specific type of etiquette you need to observe. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Always bring cash

While some vendors accept debit or credit cards, most prefer taking cash. Remember, a farmer’s market is run typically by farmers and chances are they either do not have the resources to take credit or do not prefer to. Play it safe and bring an appropriate amount of cash. Speaking of money…

Don’t haggle prices

Perhaps familiar misconception newcomers have of farmers markets is that they can and should haggle with the vendors who are most likely the same people that grew their produce. Some items might be more expensive than the ones in grocery stores but only because the farmers spent a lot of time and money on getting their produce as fresh as they can. And take note that they are just renting a booth in a farm market as well. Be considerate and do not try to bargain the price.

When you are at a local farmer’s market, not only are you getting healthier food products, you are supporting your local community and helping out local farmers. Supermarkets have processed products that they ship from giant produce companies from out of town. Which would you rather spend your money on?

Take your time to walk around the market

The size of the farm market varies in different areas. Some are relatively modest in size while others are massive, so much so that it can take you the whole day to explore the entire market. The sheer number of food stalls might be a little overwhelming, so you need to give yourself enough time to look at everything. 

While it might be tempting to rush in and out of a farm market (especially if crowds are not your thing), there is a chance that you will miss the excellent stuff. You might even miss great deals on produce that you were looking for. Some stalls sell similar products so it will benefit you if you pay attention to their price and their quality. 

We at Oakley’s Farm Market have guides on what to look for in fresh produce and how to find the best deals in the market. We even have advice on how to spend your time at a farmer’s market wisely and efficiently.

Organic vs. Local

Organic food is not necessarily synonymous with locally grown produce and vice versa. The thing to remember is that for a product to be organic, it has to have been grown without the influence of synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, chemical pesticides, genetic engineering, and the like. Not all local produce is organic. 

The best way to know if certain produce is organic? Ask the vendor. That is the main perk of buying from the local market. The people behind the counter know exactly how the food was grown and handled.

Vendor’s Tips

Our website is not just about helping consumers at farm markets. We also have plenty of tips and how-tos for vendors interested in selling their products in a local market. You can sell just about anything at a farm market, not only food products. Handmade items, crafts, processed food items like honey and coffee beans – you can put them up for sale too. A local farm market is a great place to introduce your product since it is within the community and you are more involved in the process. 

From organizing your potential products to sending your application form to the local market, we can give you valuable insight on how to ensure your booth’s success.  

Go Local!

City dwellers do not have to settle on processed food all the time anymore. With so many local farmers markets around, you have better, healthier options. Not only that, but it is also better for the local farming industry and the environment. 

Oakley’s Farm Market encourages everyone to give farm markets a chance. You deserve better than heavily processed food. Live healthily and support your local farmers!