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Annoying Aviaries: How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Bird control in gardens and farms is not just a hobby concept, it could impact your bread and butter income, or your food supply. A study on vineyards in Canada showed that vineyards that did not have bird control lost approximately 50 percent of their Cabernet Franc grapes and 100 percent of their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

A lack of bird control could lead to devastating losses for any farm or garden regardless of size.

You put a lot of energy, time, and money into your garden. Find out how to keep birds out of your garden to ensure those are resources well spent.

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

There are both old school and twenty-first-century methods of keeping birds out of your garden. The methods you choose will likely be determined by the kinds of birds you have eating your crops, and what kinds of crops that you have.

You can use any of these methods whether you are gardening out of a window box in your condominium, or tilling acres of land.

Blackbirds and crows are among the most common birds of prey to gardens, but there are a number of birds that may drop by your banquet of fruits and vegetables.

At the same time, some of these birds may be useful in eating the insects that will also be very interested in this same feast. But you still want to control them.

From netting to bird bangers, there are a number of ways to keep the birds of prey away.

Old School Methods

Bird netting is one of the most common ways to prevent birds from coming to eat. Horticultural author Pippa Greenwood says that netting is the only sure fire way to prevent and deter birds.

It is also the most common bird deterrent. Use poles or stakes around the fruits and vegetables and then drape netting overtop to protect them.

Another old-school method is to soak dried corn kernels in whiskey and then scatter it across your crops and farm. It will make the birds a little tipsy once, and they won’t be inclined to return.

Check out this gallery of market vegetables and the farm they have grown on to learn more about protecting your veggies from Mother Nature’s creatures.

Hi-Tech Methods of Farm Protection

If you have a large farm or garden to protect or depend on crops for your income or food, you might want to employ more technical methods of farm protection available today.

One form of technology is known as a bird buster and imitates the high screech of an owl to scare away birds. Bird bangers are also very useful and employ the use of a propane-fired cannon to send out intermittent bangs throughout the day to scare birds.

In Canada, one study learned that a double-firing bird banger protected more than twice the area of the farm than one that was single-firing.

Bird kites are also very popular. These are kites that look like birds and scare actual birds away. The Falcon Frightkite by is a very popular and cost-effective way of chasing away birds that are eating your profits.

Become Inspired

Your garden is going to be your baby for several months of the year, whether you are using it for income or to put food on the table. All of those hopes and dreams all start with one seed, that could turn into a devastating loss due to creatures of a feather. If you don’t figure out how to keep birds out of your garden you may have serious issues.

It is estimated that if one bird eats just 4 kernels or grapes a day, an entire flock of 5,000 will consume 1,000 kilograms or 2,204 pounds of food in just ten days. This could sink an entire year for a farmer that depends on these crops to survive.

When you are finding out how to protect your garden from birds, use an integrated approach with both old school and hi-tech methods of acoustic, visual, and physical barriers for bird control. Become inspired through this amazing gallery of fresh foods that are farmed right to the table at Oakley’s Farm Market in Hebron, Maryland.


5 Harmless Car Pranks to Play on Your Best Friend

 Our cars are some of our most valuable treasures. For some people more than others.

Whether you spend $1,000 dollars, $100,000, or anywhere in between, there’s a special bond that forms between you and your car.

You rely on it. You spend time in it. Some people, up to 40%, even name their cars.

Therefore, what better way to mess with your friend than to mess with their car?

Check out these 5 classic and harmless car pranks!

1. Wrap It

One of the most common car pranks is the “sealed for freshness” saran wrap. However, it deserves its popularity. Wrapping a car in saran wrap will make it impossible to get into without some serious work and it’s completely safe and harmless.

However, saran wrap is not your only option for the classic car wrap. If keeping it fresh is your top priority, you can also use aluminum foil.

If flare and pizzazz is more your style, you can use Christmas or birthday wrapping paper. Don’t forget the bow!

2. Sticker It

Another best among harmless car pranks is the sticky note approach. Sticky notes have a non-damaging adhesive safe for all surfaces.

This method allows you to be quite creative and artistic, too. With the wide variety of stick note colors, the sky is your limit.

You can give your friend the “paint job” they’ve always wanted, or the one you’ve always wanted them to have. Do they need racing stripes? Perhaps some pink tires? It’s up to you now!

While we’re on the topic of stickers, why not a custom bumper sticker?

Companies like allow you to create your own bumper sticker and order as many as you want for a super low cost.

Think about it. Doesn’t your buddy’s macho truck need 100 pink bumper stickers proclaiming his love for kitties? It does.

3. “Sell” It

If you want other people in on your car prank (even if they don’t know it), put your friend’s car up for sale.

You can post it on Craigslist, Facebook, or even put up a sign on their car. People will be calling your friend, inquiring about their car and they will have no idea what’s going on.

Make sure it’s priced to sell though, you want lots of interested buyers!

4. Hit and Run It

One of the funniest car pranks, especially if your friend happens to be OCD about their car, is the hit and run prank.

All you have to do is leave a vague note left by a careless driver about accidentally bumping into your friend’s car. Be sure not to give away where it was hit, though, you want them searching for the “damage” for a while.

It also helps if you mention in the note that the driver doesn’t have insurance and is only writing the note because there were witnesses.

Finally, as your friend starts to realize there might not be any visible damage, point out a random area and swear you can see scratches there.

5. Fill It

Last but certainly not least of all car pranks is the “stuffed” prank.

There are limitless options of what media to use for this masterpiece, but balloons, shredded paper, ping-pong balls, and packing peanuts are popular choices.

The goal is simple, fill your friend’s car to the brim with whatever you choose. They will have no idea what to do with all of it and won’t even be able to drive anywhere!

Car Pranks Aside

Here at Oakley Farm Market, we are all about community and fun!

Harmless car pranks are a great way to show your friend or family member how much you are thinking about them! Just make sure you help them clean up!

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